Speed designing at Hornbach

Designing gardens for a weekend at Hornbach

Peter Kroesen was invited to do two days of speed designing gardens for the new Hornbach branch in The Hague. on saturday the 22nd and sunday the 23rd of april. Hornbach is a Germany based chain of big construction markets and garden centers.

Speed designing gardens for Hornbach customers, how do you handle that?  You are limited to not more than half an hour per customer. And you want them to go home with a little sketch or at least some ideas. Customers come to your desk spontanuously so you do not have prior knowledge of their situation. They often do not have any clue what they want with their garden. In that situation it is important to find out what suits them and what taste they have.

Peter: ‘I started asking how exactly their house and garden look like. And their whishes and demands for the garden. I tried to find a starting point, but it is really a challenge to do that in such a short time. Yet I succeeded in all cases to find that starting point and to create some nice ideas.  I could send them all home with my ideas and a quick sketch. 

Most of these customers live in new build houses with long, small gardens. Interrupting the length of such a garden makes the garden much more interesting.  With small gardens it is important to not placing to much in it, keeping the garden liveable.

A few of the customers had bigger houses and gardens. With every customer I managed to match the design of the garden to the building style of the house.

I had to limit myself to giving ideas and a quick sketch. It was impossible to provide them with a profound garden plan. But this was enough for them to go further. Days like thes are for giving ideas and directions more than complete garden designs. 

Overall a great experience en a good training in speed design.  Worth repeating, because of all the positive reactions I received and the joy it gave me. I could by the way also do this in interior designing.’ 

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